Car Games - Elite

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Voyages Jeux Famille
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Car Games – Elite is a great fun way to enjoy a car ride. It’s great for passing the time, and the kids will love it! It’s all your favorite games quickly at your fingertips!

4 Games in one app!
-Cars, State License Plates, ABC’s, and 123 Numbers!
-Up to 5 Players!
-Set your own rules, and other settings for your Enjoyment.
-Type in your name and start to play in seconds!

This is game has so many varieties you can enjoy over and over again. It keeps track of your findings along with all your friends and family. Kids will take the options and turn 1 game in to many. Find them in order, or just as you see them. Recommended settings are preset already so you don’t have to do a thing!!

---Need More---

-Find certain color and type of cars on the road! Search for cars, trucks, and semi-truck trailers. Some come easy, but others are a challenge to find. But remember the first one to find it gets to mark it down… So be Fast!
State License Plates:
-Every license plate as the state in which it is from. Search the cars as you drive by and see if you find a match! Try to find all 50! Well okay how about whoever can find the most wins… unless you are just that Amazing at this game!
-The “Alphabet Game” is ready to go! Search for all the letters in the alphabet. Get going as fast as you can because when you reach letters “Q” and “Z” you may get stopped in your tracks… or maybe not for you Pro’s!
-The number game is just as great as the alphabet game. It takes quick eyes peeled and ready to be fast as lightning! But how many numbers should you go up to? How about you choose with the all new Number slider. Choose up to 99!

***** Warning Do NOT use while driving a vehicle, passenger use ONLY *****

This app is brought to you by B.C. Apps because we think it’s just a Blast! It’s for all ages, everyone can do it, yet some “think” they are better…. Well the games will show you who truly is the Car Games Elite Champion!